Keeping OmniFocus reviews on Schedule

A key part of staying on top of things is a regular review of all the projects you have. I use omnifocus to keep track of all my various projects. The software is set up for reviews a week after you did your last review. While I’d like to say that I could stick to that schedule, sometimes Sunday morning’s just happen to be when I can review everything. And that would through everything off for the next week.

This script here helps to reset that.

Using Workflow for better Journaling

I saw a recent post on twitter on how to have better prompts for your Day One journal.  The twitter link is here:

In short he uses Workflow to pre-populate the journal with prompts that are specific to the journal.  He has three different journals, which led me to think about the two different types of journals I use.  I have one for personal reflection and the other for Cadet Sail Training Program (CSTP).  After a season of CSTP, and filling out the cadet evealuation reports well after the fact, I realized I didn’t keep records near as well as I should have.  So next summer I will have workflow better filled out with the questions I need to ask myself (and the cadet) to better develop their leadership acumen.