How to set up a running list in Drafts

Drafts by agile tortoise is a well regarded, quick capture, text app for iOS.  I use it a bunch to jot down quick notes at a meeting, phone numbers, etc.  What separates Drafts from the rest of the crowd is that you can customize what you do with the text in any number of ways.  Some common workflows are to send the draft as a text message, or in the body of an email.  The list is endless. 

As 2017 approached though, I wanted to keep track of ideas that I thought would be good to tackle in the upcoming year.  I knew I could move it to a list in Dropbox, or a few other places.  However for some reason I really wanted to just add the text to an already running note in Drafts.  For the life of me I couldn’t recall how to do it, but I finally figured it out. 

There were four main steps:

  1. Create a draft with the title of the list “New approaches in the New Year”. 
  2. Run the copy Drafts UUID workflow.  This will tell Drafts what the unique ID is of the Draft you just made is.  
  3. Create a new action.  I called mine “New Year List”.  Add URL to the action.  
  4. Using this x-callback-url scheme from Agile Tortoise, you are able to send your New Year’s resolution back to the main note you just started.  The URL scheme is:

Where you change “UUID-TO-VALID-DRAFT” to the UUID of your main list and “TEXTD-TO-APPEND” to “draft”
Let me know how it works. 

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