Foreign Travel, with kids

Recently returning from our trip to Japan with the kids, this was a fun read to compare “notes”.  Our trip had been my first with kids in a while, so it was frustrating after having been able to move through Singapore & Mt Fuji essentially by myself.

Some thoughts on the article:

  • You are going to need to pack less than you think you need to move easily.  A backpack seems like a good idea, but they are big and cumbersome on a train.  A well packed rolling duffel isn’t as bad as the author makes out.  But plan on leaving some underwear behind!
  • Slow is fast.  Or rather, if you want to enjoy the trip you’ll need stop far more frequently than you used to.  Parks, playgrounds & food are the cures to most traveling angst.
  • Three is to young to travel aboard.  I’ll just leave it at that.


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