The Voyage Of Uncle Dan – LST 696

So my wife’s family recently discovered the deck log & other interesting tid-bits of their Uncle’s voyage during World War II.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to continue playing with Google Maps Engine.

This is a first draft, but I like where it is heading. Next steps will be to:

  • Correct the coord’s so that the voyage ends in San Francisco, not the middle of the ocean
  • Break up the voyage into segments (probably by color) to indicate when Uncle Dan was onboard
  • Some arrows to indicate which way the ship was heading
  • Some sort of visual time delineation to understand the overall progression of the voyage
  • Possibly a fly over, but I can’t really see how that would be interesting

By the way, this site was an awesome tool to convert the spreadsheet to a KML file that had “track lines” for all the various ports of call.

A link to the map here:

One thought on “The Voyage Of Uncle Dan – LST 696”

  1. My Dad was on the LST-696 and passed away in 2007. I’m never really talked to him about the war, but am interested in where I can get more info. Was the deck log and other info your uncles, or found elsewhere? Just curious. Thanks.

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