Kalalau Trail – Day 2

After listening to the rain all night long, day 2 brought a fair amount of anxiety.  The day previously, we ran into folks on the trail who were heading back.  They said that the trail was unpassable ahead.  Our research prior to the trip told us that mile 7 was the worst part, a sheer rock face with only the slightest trail.  We agreed that it was at least worth hiking out to verify the conditions, and worst case we could always return to this spot.

The hike out of Hankoa valley was hot. Hot and muggy.  Since we got an early jump on the trail, there were no winds yet, so all the rain and moisture that had been trapped in the valley was just sweltering.  We also saw pretty aggressive signs of animals on the trail, but no actual animals.

As we approached mile 7, we were surprised to find that the rain had made the down hill section of the trail leading into the ledge extremely difficult to navigate.  We spaced out to avoid the domino effect if one slipped, and managed to descend the 200+ feet of elevation without much issue.

After the ledge crossing we all started picking up the pace because we knew the end was near.  What was a bit misleading was at about mile 9.5 you see the sign welcoming you into the Kalalau Valley.  Sadly, there still is about 1.5 miles or so to go till you find the campgrounds.  For us, we went to the last campsites before the waterfall, so it was probably closer to 2.5 miles.


We did take some go pro footage as we crossed.

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