A better Tiger Immediate Recognition Badge Cord

images-2If you ever find yourself with Tiger Immediate Recognition badges without the lanyard to affix the beads to, this is your simple solution.

Found online at Amazon:
3/32 Tactical Cord, 4 Strand

Cut about a 5 inch length for each row of beads.  I use a lighter to gently melt the ends to keep the cord from fraying, and rub it between my fingers while it is still warm and the cord will fit perfectly in the badge holder holes.  I’ve found the occasional bead that won’t fit (b/c the bead has manufacturing errors), but it is a far more durable solution than my first solution which was plastic lanyard material.

How and why I had to figure this out on my own isn’t important, but I am sharing so that hopefully when someone else Google’s “tiger immediate recognition badge cord” this solution will pop up.  I had to break out a ruler, measure the badge, determine the thickness of various common materials, etc.

The nice thing too is that para-cord comes in multiple colors, so this will work for other Cub Scout immediate recognition beads.

Of course all of this will change next summer, but until then… Do your best!


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